Monday, October 18, 2010

AYO! MIX FUN The beginnings of Inter-Location Project

The Inter-Location Project (ILP) is an independent organisation formed to build a DIY arts bridge between the two cities of Jogjakarta, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia. ILP formed during 2010 after several Melbourne Artists travelled to Jogjakarta (YK) The open welcome, cultural kinship and friendship shared was overwhelming. The Melbournians were immediatley adopted as a part of the community by their Indonesian counterparts and immersed in a vibrantly expressive and creative environment. This culminated in the first ILP exhibition AYO! MIX FUN at Bayu Widodo's Surivive! Garage Art space in July 2010.

When ILP was Born: The Artists the night before the opening of AYO! MIX FUN at Survive! Garage in Yogyakarta July, 2010

ILP aims to express and maintain various forms of artistic and cultural dialogue, creative commonalities, and friendship between the two cities of Melbourne and Yogjalarta. Through this process we want to dissolve arbitrary International borders stifling our collective opportunities for diverse and strong Trans-National communities. Through this one blood nationally we want to celebrate and learn from our commonalities while still participating in difference. ILP's mission is to echo this experience to our Indonesian friends by offering them the oppourtunity to travel and to take part in our creative communites in Australia. Participating artists are: LOVEHATELOVE, El Kampretto, and Bayu Widodo. These artists push the boundaries in their chosen mediums in Indonesia and play central roles in strengthening communities in which they are a part. The Australian line up of artists continues to grow, propelled towards the project by either their own experiences within these communities in Indonesia or their involvment in creative communities here. They include SNOTRAG, SIMPLETOWNWORX, Tuffy, Roda Roda Crew, Tom Civil, Braddock, and Georg

Survive! Gallery in Bugisan, Yogjakarta, Indonesia

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