Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big thanks to Antiverse and Tuna Mansion

Thanks to Tuna Mansion for letting peeps stay for a couple weeks and having events there.

And big big thanks to Antiverse for letting Bayu Widodo, El Kampretto, and LoveHateLove stay for nearly two months at your home and sometimes community venue. You guys are all seriously awesome and amazing and we really appreciated your support. And also a special big ups to Stew and Ari for letting them camp in your studio.

terima kasih banyak!!


ASiiK CIty owes a massive amount of gratitude to 567 King and Mamma Jude. Faced with an Empty Show opening in the mid morning, and learning at midnight the night before that friends of ILP had left all our paint in melbourne, Mamma Jude and 567 King came to the rescue.

Thanks for having such a sick shop 567 King and awesome staff. Big Ups!
Thanks for letting us occupy your house, giving us all beds, and love Mamma Jude.

Check out the 567 King!!! Its got the most awesome range of products, cans, nibs, records, markers, pens, caps, clothes fucken everything its a Hip Hop head and  painters paradise.

Empty Show Sydney

Goodbye party for Indo crew

Sydney goodbye party.

Goodbye party for Indo crew

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Kota Club - exhibition at Little Fish gallery, Newtown.
Group show featuring: Bayu Widodo, Rolly LoveHateLove, and El Kampretto (Indo), Stewart Cole, Snotrag, Tuff Guts, and Tom Civil (Melb), Angel Gill, Dani Pancatrianta, and Huckleberry Spin (Syd).
Little Fish's first ever exhibition was prints by Bayu Widodo, last time he visited Australia, which made it a nice little book-end to the Sydney leg of Asiik City.
Kota Club - exhibition @ Little Fish Gallery, Newtown, Sydney

Empty Show.
There was a small art markets, a vegie bbq and later another performance of the puppet show Legs.
Empty Show Sydney Empty Show Sydney

Mays Lane Mural mural.
Unfortunately due to rain we weren't able to do the May's Lane mural collaboration.

>See the full set of Sydney photos here<

Say No to Racist Pigs...

While in Sydney we came across this extremely racist mural near where we were staying. Some righteous vandals had painted it... Nice work!

Here is a link to past righteous graffiti makeovers.

This mural has been up for quite some time. Around 8 people have been arrested in protesting it. The council is sitting on their hands. ILP is about building cross border community links around community and urban art practice. This mural is against these principles between borders and works well at creating internal one between one another. We support anyone who wants to use their art practice for good and take action against this hideous mural and mindset.

Cop It Sweet - Melbourne chapter

Cop It Sweet - Melbourne chapter

Two ILP artists took time out of their busy schedules to help the police get the job done at Occupy Melbourne. Here's a news flash of their efforts:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Asiik City Melbourne wrap-up...

It has been a momentous month for Asiik City Festival in Melbourne. Exhibitions, puppet shows, performances, mural collaborations, and workshops! With our final Melbourne event -Ride Bersama and Puppet Show- finishing last night, we thought it would be good to take a breath and look back on what we've done...  (see the full round-up on Flickr here)

Starting with a prelude on the 9th of October, ILP artists Tuff Guts, Snotrag, LoveHateLove, Tom Civil, George and Bayu Widodo and others collaborated on a mural along the back of Junkies warehouse on Cocoa Jackson Ln in East Brunsiwck:

Asiik City Festival kicked off in full with our exhibition AYO MIX FUN - Survive Garage & Friends exhibition at Disco Beans on 13th of October:
This included a mural collaboration by El Kampretto, Stewart Cole, Bayu Widodo, George, and LoveHateLove:

George, Snotty, Tuffy, Bayu, El Kampretto and Bayu were invited by the builders arms to paint up the inside for their re-launch:

Builders Arms relaunch mural colab

ILP and Seed Factory artists Hamishi, Tom Civil, El Kampretto, Bayu Widodo, Snotrag, Tuff Guts, Georg, Will, LoveHateLove, plus friends of the Seed Factory painted its walls together on the 23rd of October:

Woodcut printing with Bayu Widodo kicked off our series of workshops for the festival on the 30th of October:

Kamprett showed us how to make tall bikes at Loophole Community Centre. And those brave (foolish?) enough got to have a ride around!!

LoveHateLove finished up his residency at  Blender street-art studios in style with a closing exhibition and market:

LoveHateLove put a contemporary twist on traditional Wayang puppets at his workshop:

Melbourne artists Emily, Bidi, and Snotrag showed us how easy it is to make our own screenprints:

El Kampretto takes the last in our series of Melbourne workshops - this one on DIY tattoo machines and maintenance:

and check out our full album of photos here on Flickr

!!!!next stop Sydney.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ASIIK City Festival Programme!!!!!!!!!!!

☝ Click to view larger ☝

Friday 28th October: House show - featuring bands Concrete Life, Shark Bait (SYD) Deep Heat and Shit Weather. 6pm @ Tuna Mansion Cancelled, Sorry. See you on Sunday!

Sunday 30th October: Antiverse Art Markets & Woodcut Workshop by Bayu Widodo. 11am - 4pm @ Antiverse.
Bayu Widodo, from the world renowned art collective Taring Padi, will conduct a woodcut workshop. Woodcutting is the process of cutting into wood to create an image, applying ink, and then printing onto basically whatever you want. In this workshop you will learn about techniques and DIY and collaborative possibilities for woodcutting.
Materials will be provided, but if you want to print on a shirt, we ask that you bring a brightly coloured one.

Tuesday 1st November: Tall Bike Workshop 1pm - 6pm @ Loophole Community Centre
Kampret will share his experience and knowledge on making and riding tall bikes. This is an interactive workshop where people will build their own tall bikes. Tall bikes are traditionally a multi-level circus–like bike.
If you have any old bike parts, particularly frames, bring em on down! Otherwise most materials will be provided anyways.

Thursday 3rd November: Blender event & LoveHateLove Closing Studio @ Blender Studios 7pm
LoveHateLove (Tumblr / Flickr) currently has a studio residency at the Blender Studios 110 Franklin St, Melbourne.
Blender Studios is an art complex with 14 studios occupied by mixed medium artists, a gallery in front, and a laneway of awesome street art beside it.
LoveHateLove will showcase what he’s been working on for the last month, you’ll have the opportunity to buy it, and also check out all the amazing work of other artists in Blender too.

Sunday 6th November: Puppet Workshop - Contemporary Wayang by LoveHateLove UPDATED LOCATION: 2 - 4PM @ Antiverse Studios
LoveHateLove will share skills and experience on how to make and perform contemporary Wayang puppets. The puppets will be made from recycled materials provided and performed at an event at Tuna Mansion on Sunday November the 13th (see below). The theme of the workshop is around creating hybrid transportation character puppets which will be performed to Indonesian gamelan Hip Hop music.
Wayang is traditionally performed in shadow to the gamelan in Java.

Wednesday 9th November: DIY Screenprinting Workshop @ Antiverse 2pm >>NEW TIME<< >>RSVP essential: contact Snotrag on 0424-663-647<<
Biddy, Emily HassleHoof and Snotty will help teach you how to assemble, expose
and print screens out of found or cheap materials in such a way that you can continue to make them after the workshop in your own home. Bring a strong wooden frame (my favourite is old canvas stretchers) if possible to match the size of your image. Also bring your image printed onto transperancy (two copies is best)

Saturday 12th November: Tattoo Machine Maintenance Workshop with El Kampretto 7pm @ Antiverse
Kampret will share his experience in making handmade tattoo machines and also techniques on how to tune your own. No equipment required for this workshop.

Sunday 13th November:
Ride Bersama - mass bike parade - departing 5pm @ Antiverse; riding to
Puppet Show - featuring Macet by LoveHateLove & Legs by Biscuit +plus Lady Gado. 6pm @ Tuna Mansion.

We’ll group ride together, meeting at 5pm at Antiverse first, and then riding to Tuna Mansion.
When we get to Tuna Mansion Biscuit will perform her puppet show Legs, Rolly LoveHateLove and friends will perform their puppet show Macet, and Lady Gado will perform. Its gonna be so grouse sekali. And there’s going to be a BBQ.
Macet is a contemporary Indonesian wayang puppet performance to Indonesian gamelan Hip Hop music. It will be a mixture of unique design characters mixed with transport vehicles to improvised dialogue. Legs is Biscuit’s version of the original little mermaid, but reversed. Where the fanny want to stay in the sea… Lady Gado is an Indoesian inspired noise mash-up. Sometimes sounding like dangdut, sometimes sounding like Enya…

Sunday 20th November: EMPTY SHOW+ART MARKET+MURALS+PUPPET SHOW+FUN. 11am - 6pm @ location to be announced (Inner Sydney)
As part of the Inter-Location Project (ILP) come hang out with artists from Indonesia and get involved with a day of art sharing. There will be mural collaborations, a DIY artmarket, and puppet performance.

Friday 25th November: Mays Lane Mural Launch @ Mays Lane (Sydney)

Venue locations:

Tuna Mansion: 117 Gilbert Road, Preston. (Stop 38 on № 112 Tram)

Antiverse studios: Behind 209 Albert Street, Brunswick/Enter via lane off Sydney Road. (№ 19 Tram)

Loophole Community Centre: 670-672 High St, Thornbury (№ 86 Tram)

Blender Studios: 110 Franklin St Melbourne

May's Lane, St Peters, Sydney.

AYO MIX FUN - Survive Garage & Friends exhibition at Disco Beans

SURVIVE! Garage was created in 2009 in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. It's a community arts space which works together to nurture the various trends of art phenomena in general in Jogjakarta. SURVIVE! uses an art shop concept that helps accelerate the process of formation of independent social groups through the appreciation of art work and education programs. Recently SURVIVE!Garage has begun to make links with international community arts practitioners. As such the idea for the Inter Location Project was first initiated here. The ASIIK City Festival is a response to this inital event at SURVIVE!.

'AYO MIX FUN - SURVIVE! Garage and friends' is the first event for ASIIK City.
Featuring artworks, zines, patches and t-shirts from Indonesian and Australian artists, the exhibition is raising funds directly for artists in Indonesia and to provide ongoing support for Survive! Garage.

Opening 13th October at Disco Beans gallery and cafe, the exhibition will run until the 28th of this month.

So much great artwork to see and buy, check it out!

ILP Mural colab at Junkies warehouse - Cocoa Jackson Ln

ILP artists Tuff Guts, Snotrag, LoveHateLove, Tom Civil, and Bayu Widodo +++plus others have been collaborating for the last week on an awesome mural along the back of Junkies warehouse on Cocoa Jackson Ln in East Brunsiwck.

These are the first of many more mural collaborations to come as part of the ASIIK City festival - 2 months of collaborations between artists from Yogyakarta Indonesia and Australia. This is a totally unique opportunity, so if you'd like to get involved or collaborate, just get in touch!

Check it out below>>>>

plus, check out this sweet collaboration between George + El Kampretto + Biscuit + Snotrag + LoveHateLove @ Fortuna Mansion in Preston>>>

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mapping Yogya from below : 4 interview with street artists

With ILP's Asiik City cross-cultural collaborations now in full swing, we thought we would share this project ILP artists and friends Julia Dehm and Teishan Ahearne (both hailing from Melbourne) did while visiting Yogyakarta earlier this year.

Interested in collaboratively ‘mapping’ alternate futures based on community control, Julia and Teishan wanted to investigate how street artists in Yogya created, navigate and understood their city through street art.

They explained the idea behind the project in a call-out to street artists, posted at Survive! Garage in Yogyakarta:
"Subcultural expression such as street art and community spaces are the unrecognised heart beat of cities like Yogya. Official or institutional maps of Yogya present a ‘top-down’ picture of the city, which ignores the lives of people living here, their passions, their artistic expressions, their interactions and the ways communities are formed. We are interested in ‘mapping’ Yogya from the ‘bottom-up’ or grassroots - mapping the artistic expressions and community interactions which give life to the city."

The project culminated in a zine 'Mapping Yogya From Below: 4 Interviews with Street Artists' and a photographic exhibition at Survive! Garage.

Of course, any attempt to definitively 'map' street art is doomed to fail, as Julia and Teishan noted
"These then are maps not seen from the godly view of a satellite, but from below – within and between our memories and social relations. The kind of maps that can only be made together and which will never be finished."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ASIIK City Artist Profile: El Kampretto

The Inter Location Project presents our second series of cross-cultural collaborations, spanning October - November 2011, this time in Melbourne, Australia.

The festival is called ASIIK CIty and aims to bridge urban and community art practices between Australia and Indonesia.

ASIIK City Artist Profile: El Kampretto from ILP on Vimeo.

(video by Tuff Guts)

Datang baru ~ hot off the press!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

ASIIK City Artist Profile: Bayu Widodo

Second in our series of artist profiles, check out Bayu Widodo!

(video by Tuff Guts)

The Inter Location Project prepares for their second series of collaborations in October and November 2011, this time in Melbourne, Australia.

The festival is called ASIIK CIty and aims to bridge urban and community art practices between Australia and Indonesia.

Bayu Widodo is a prolific artist from Yogyakarta. Practicing across the fields of painting, printmaking, sculpture and street art, he has exhibited throughout Europe and Australia. He has also been a crucial agent for community in his work with Taring Padi political arts collective and his establishment of Survive Garage. Bayu is a guest in Australia of ILP.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ASIIK City artist profile: LoveHateLove

Take a peep, the first in a series of profiles on the artists in the upcoming ASIIK City festival.

ASIIK City artist profile: LoveHateLove from ILP on Vimeo.
(video by Tuff Guts)

ASIIK City is a festival organised by the Inter Location Project planned to occur in Melbourne (and a little bit in Sydney) across the months of October and November in 2011.

The aim of ASIIK City is to bridge urban and community art practices between the two cities Jogjakarta, Indonesia, and Melbourne, Australia.

LoveHateLove is a visiting artist from Jogjakarta involved in the creation of ASIIK City. He's a street artist, a Hip Hip MC, a puppeteer, a fixed gear rider, and powerful community agent.


Friday, July 29, 2011


Here is a link to a slide show of some of the works from TRANSFIGURATIONS - INDONESIAN MYTHOLOGIES featuring Bayu Widodo currently showing at ESPACE CULTUREL LOUIS VUITTON IN PARIS

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Snotrag also has work in TUNNEL VISION the latest exhibition on at PLATFORM
until July 30

Look here to discover Snotrag amidst a myriad of talented contemporaries in this online book.

and here:


ASIIK CITY Festival, presented by the Inter-Location Project (ILP), aims to invigorate and strengthen cross cultural community networks via a series of artistic events and collaborations planned to occur in October and November of 2011.

ASIIK CITY includes a diverse line-up of established and emerging artists from multiple disciplines and cultural contexts. Australian artists include SIMPLETOWN WORX, Georg Whelan, Michael Fikaris, Roda Roda, Snotrag, and Tuff Guts. Indonesian artists are Bayu Widodo, El Kampretto and LOVEHATELOVE

The overwhelming experience of community experienced by Melbourne ILP artists in Yogyakarta was the genesis for initiating this project in Australia. ASIIK CITY aims to explore, through the action of creative skillsharing and cultural collaborations, the factors accounting for such strong and vibrant creative communities in Indonesia and to examine how this can be developed and established here.

ILP via ASIIK CITY will facilitate events not only appealing within artistic communities but extend more broadly to the wider community. These events will include  Community Murals, Performances, a group exhibition and workshops featuring activities such as Screen-printing and Bicycle Construction. These artistic actions will emphasise process rather than the singularity of simply outcome and simultaneously augment a space for dialogue based around the ideas of alternative networks.

The word Asiik is an Indonesian slang term meaning Awesome. Cities sometimes have the potential of being alienating spaces. Virtual panopticons of Moloch proportions. Whilst recognising that collectively people are a product of their environment, they are also agents invested with the power of change. Under this banner ILP aims to build an ASIIK CITY. A place where everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. Where artistic process isn't separated from the community and community isn't separated from the individual.

ILP believes community is something created by the actions between us. A process that's ultimately selfless, beyond economic thresholds and thus immeasurably valuable.


For its 16th exhibition, the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton continues its regular exploration of emerging artistic scenes in distant countries with the presentation of Trans-Figurations - Indonesian Mythologies. Starting June 24th - October 23rd 2011, the Espace Culturel invites visitors to discover an energetic and effervescent generation of Indonesian artists.
Consisting of more than seventeen thousand islands and a population of two hundred and forty million inhabitants, Indonesia is the fourth most highly populated country in the world. Nowadays, it is a secular democracy in which all religious movements live side by side. At the centre of the island of Java is the city of Yogyakarta, a real “hive of artistic activity” marked by its ancient beliefs, its history and its geography, which are a continual source of inspiration for artists. There, at the foot of the Merapi Volcano (one of the most active in the world), lives the majority of the eleven artists whose work will be displayed. They have come to Paris to produce a new work or reconfigure specially selected artworks, showcased by Alain Batifoulier’s decisively contemporary scenography.
The Christian term “Transfiguration” seems to correspond to this desire for change, with Agung Kurniawan’s sculptures, which bring traditional shadow theatres back to life, and with Heri Dono’s contemporary angels. In the videos “War of Java” and “Pilgrims and Plagues”, Jompi Jompet evokes the spirits of the ancestors and transposes the traditional dances and processions into other spaces. Arie Dyanto’s “autofictions”, Bayu Widodo’s poetic and narrative drawings and Ariadhitya Parmuhendra’s “Christian” drawings question both the place of the artist and the very status of Indonesian society. Tintin Wulia’s installation/performance expresses both the randomness and the determinism of the notion of nationality in a country that has experienced several occupations and has built its identity based on the upheavals of its history. The humorous hybrid figures that illustrate Eko Nugroho’s embroideries and wall paintings along with Mella Jaarsma’s “Fire-eaters” installed in the window display on rue de Bassano become the new heroes of a make-believe contemporary mythology. The architect Eko Prawoto has - with great simplicity - built an imposing modernist temple with over 1,800 bamboo canes, while director and producer Garin Nugroho deploys a video presentation in several chapters, which revolves around a sculpture, the symbol of the protective Mother.
Like the works presented in the Trans-Figurations - Indonesian Mythologies exhibition, Java depicts the change in the continuity of an earth that unceasingly expresses itself, moving and groaning, in both the literal and figurative sense, expressive and animated, strong and fragile.
Artists: Heri Dono, Arie Dyanto, Mella Jaarsma, Jompi Jompet, Agung Kurniawan, Eko Nugroho, Garin Nugroho, Ariadyhitya Pramuhendra, Eko Prawoto, Bayu Widodo, Tintin Wulia

Exhibition curator: Hervé Mikaeloff 
Exhibition set designers: Alain Batifoulier and Simon de Tovar

Bayu was featured in this article by Dazed Digital's ARTS & CULTURE section
Below: Images of three of Bayu's pieces from the exhibition

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Follow up to ROLLIN' CONTACT

Rollin' Contact 
was a showcase thinking through cycling + communities 
as a part of the Melbourne Bike Festival.
Thursday 25th November- Sunday 28th November 2010                           
It was curated by ILP's Co-founder Claire Alexander.
Ten works featured in Rollin’ Contact have been especially produced by ILP Artists. Melbourne ILP Artists include: Snotrag, Tom Civil, Georg, Michael Fikaris and Lauz. 
ILP Artists from Yogyakarta are: Bayu Widodo, El Kampretto, Love Hate Love and Anton Subiyanto.
Here a link to Nikhil Madhan's Flickr set from Rollin' Contact

Rollin' Contact at 1000 ₤ Bend November 2010. ILP Artists Anton Subiyanto, LOVE HATE LOVE and Bayu Widodo

Rollin' Contact at 1000 ₤ Bend November 2010. ILP Artists LOVE HATE LOVE and Georg

Rollin' Contact at 1000 ₤ Bend November 2010. ILP Artists El Kampretto and Georg

Rollin' Contact at 1000 ₤ Bend November 2010. ILP Artists Anton Subiyanto, Michael Fikaris, Lauz and Snotrag.

Rollin' Contact at 1000 ₤ Bend November 2010. ILP Artists Anton Subiyanto and Bayu Widodo

Rollin' Contact at 1000 ₤ Bend November 2010. ILP Artist LOVE HATE LOVE

Rollin' Contact at 1000 ₤ Bend November 2010. Opening night.

Rollin' Contact at 1000 ₤ Bend November 2010. Opening night.

Jason Heller on Roda Roda Bike
Roda Roda Bike and Tom Civil's Mural piece.
Snotrag and Georg mural out in confined spaces at 1000 ₤ Bend

Georg's piece for Rollin' Contact

Snotrag's piece for Rollin' Contact

Thank you to:
Tuffy (ILP Co-Founder), Snotrag (ILP Co-Founder), 
Fox Tyler, Tom Civil, Skye Walker, Jason Heller and Luccrecia from Roda Roda Soundsystem.
Joshua Weeks, Aimee (Cookie) Martin, Lauren Rigbye and all at Rear Entry 
and Antiverse Studios. 
Tom Civil, Snotrag, Georg and Katja for their mural work at 1000£ Bend.
Nikhil Madhan for photographing the event.
Steven Boyd and Kasia Lynch for their helpful assistance.