Thursday, June 30, 2011


Roda Roda
Roda Roda is a collective of multi-skilled visual and sound artists, designers, filmmakers, and community agents currently residing in Melbourne. The group includes established artists Jason Hellor, Lichen Kemp, Lucreccia Quintanilla, and Dylan Martorell. Roda Roda was inspired by the bourgeoning bike culture of Yogyakarta and has since returned twice to engage in cultural exchanges on the back of grants from both Arts Victoria and the Australia Indonesia Institute. The result of which can be viewed here


Georg Whelan
Georg Whelan is an artist and mural painter living in Melbourne, Australia.
Georg’s work has been exhibited in galleries and on walls across Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Georg studied Visual arts at QUT in Brisbane, where in collaboration with the MSG collective he co-founded S&M Studios – an inner-city gallery/studio offering community support to a diverse group of emerging artists, holding regular stencil and painting workshops. Georg has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions at galleries such as Edwina Corlette, Nine Lives, Thousand Pound Bend, Tacheles (DE) and the Centre of Contemporary Art (NZ). Georg has held workshops at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane and taken part in residencies focused on community art projects in Indonesia and Germany. His art can be viewed here 


Michael Fikaris (Braddock)
An established comic artist, illustrator, street artist, curator, and publisher. Michael has worked with many festivals, companies and institutions including the Young Writers Festival, Next Wave Festival, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, SBS and ABC television, as well as many independent and non profit organisations. Michael has a studio residency at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in July 2011 and is releasing a three part colour comic book called Thingo through Blood and Thunder publishers. Michael has extensive experience in community organising, starting the artist collective Silent Army and the popular monthly drawing night Trails and co-founding Melbourne Street Tours. His art can be found here and here 


Karoline Morwitzer (Tuff Guts)
A committed community organiser, media activist and freelance DJ. Karoline graduated from Sydney University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Art History with a minor in Digital Media. Karoline has been involved in initiating two media collectives: ZeroOneZero: Digital Storytelling Collective in 2011; and Stop the Intervention Media Collective in 2008. She was a key organiser for the festival Resurgence: Queer Empire Strikes Back in Sydney in 2009 and was involved in initiating the Tutu Community Queer Space. She is a co-founder of The Inter Location Project.


Claire Alexander (SIMPLETOWN WORX)
An emerging artist and curator. Claire graduated from a Visual Arts degree from Monash University in 1997 and completed a Post-Graduate Diploma of Education in 2006. In 2009 Claire established the nine on seven Art Space which she curated until June 2011. Claire has participated in various group shows in Melbourne and abroad with her first solo show in 2011. Claire is a co-founder of the Inter Location Project. Her Artwork can be viewed here and here


An emerging artist, freelance illustrator, printmaker, and community organiser. Snotrag Studied Visual Arts at RMIT in Melbourne. Snotrag was one of 25 street artists chosen to participate in the Ladikillerz festival in 2011. Snotrag has painted murals at the Sweet Streets Festival, Voyeur exhibition, Loophole Community Centre and at Sketch City. Snotrag has had solo shows at nine on seven in 2009 and Brunswick Bound in 2011 and has participated in various print exhibitions including Fit to Print at No Vacancy Gallery. Snotrag established the Antiverse Art markets in 2010, created the Antiverse Open Access Print Studio and co-founded The Inter Location Project.  Her art can be viewed here 

Snotrag's aerosol piece at Ladikillaz Festival 2011


Ruli Bandhriyo (LOVEHATELOVE)
Ruli is an established street and white wall artist, freelance illustrator, Wayang Kulit puppeteer, and community organiser. Since graduating from Universitas Sarjana Wiyata Tamansiswa in 2008 with a degree in Visual Arts Ruli has worked teaching art history and painting to high-school students. He is a co-founder of YK URBAN, an umbrella group for graffiti writers, fixie and skateboard riders, independent designers and Hip Hop musicians. He is also a co-founder of YORC, a united group of graffiti writers from accross Yogyakarta and CYCLOBANDIDOS a fixed gear bicycle group. He is a member of the ‘Southside’ graffiti and Hip Hop music crew. In June 2011 Ruli travelled to exhibit in Amsterdam as part of the ‘Art Amsterdam’ festival. He is a co-founder of the Inter Location Project. His work can be viewed here 


Dhomas Yudhistiro (El Kampretto)
An established tattoo artist, muralist, and tall bike manufacturer. El Kampretto has painted numerous solo murals as well as collaborated with local and international groups and individuals such as Taring Padi, Teknoshit, Yellow Fever Collectivo and the New York Black Label Crew. He is one of the few tall bike manufacturers in Yogyakarta. El Kampretto has conducted various workshops with different communities, such those at the Elo Progo Art Camp, Malioboro Classical Community and the Girli Community. These workshops have included mural and graffiti work, bike repair and manufacturing. His work has been featured on various Television networks and news publications, both local and national. His work can be viewed here

El Kampretto working on a mural at Survive! Garage

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Bayu Widodo
An internationally recognised visual artist, performer, curator, and community agent. Bayu graduated from Tamansiswa University is 1999 with a degree in Fine Arts, and completed a Masters in Fine Art at the Indonesian Institute of Arts in 2007. Since then Bayu has had artist residencies in Australia (Canberra), East Timor, France, Amsterdam, and the Czech Republic. Bayu has featured in publications such as Harpers Bazaar Indonesia, The Jakarta Post, The Asia Foundation, Art Monthly Australia and The Canberra Times. Bayu was instrumental in the establishment of the Taring Padi political printmakers collective which has toured internationally and facilitated numerous community workshops. Bayu also established the artist run space Survive! Garage in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which has been host to various community events and cultural collaborations including the Inter Location Project's inaugural exhibition ‘AYO! Mix Fun’ in 2010. He is a co-founder of this project. Bayu’s work can be viewed here and here.

A billboard done by Bayu in the Czech Republic June, 2011