Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ILP Mural colab at Junkies warehouse - Cocoa Jackson Ln

ILP artists Tuff Guts, Snotrag, LoveHateLove, Tom Civil, and Bayu Widodo +++plus others have been collaborating for the last week on an awesome mural along the back of Junkies warehouse on Cocoa Jackson Ln in East Brunsiwck.

These are the first of many more mural collaborations to come as part of the ASIIK City festival - 2 months of collaborations between artists from Yogyakarta Indonesia and Australia. This is a totally unique opportunity, so if you'd like to get involved or collaborate, just get in touch!

Check it out below>>>>

plus, check out this sweet collaboration between George + El Kampretto + Biscuit + Snotrag + LoveHateLove @ Fortuna Mansion in Preston>>>

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