Thursday, December 15, 2011


Kota Club - exhibition at Little Fish gallery, Newtown.
Group show featuring: Bayu Widodo, Rolly LoveHateLove, and El Kampretto (Indo), Stewart Cole, Snotrag, Tuff Guts, and Tom Civil (Melb), Angel Gill, Dani Pancatrianta, and Huckleberry Spin (Syd).
Little Fish's first ever exhibition was prints by Bayu Widodo, last time he visited Australia, which made it a nice little book-end to the Sydney leg of Asiik City.
Kota Club - exhibition @ Little Fish Gallery, Newtown, Sydney

Empty Show.
There was a small art markets, a vegie bbq and later another performance of the puppet show Legs.
Empty Show Sydney Empty Show Sydney

Mays Lane Mural mural.
Unfortunately due to rain we weren't able to do the May's Lane mural collaboration.

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