Thursday, June 30, 2011


Dhomas Yudhistiro (El Kampretto)
An established tattoo artist, muralist, and tall bike manufacturer. El Kampretto has painted numerous solo murals as well as collaborated with local and international groups and individuals such as Taring Padi, Teknoshit, Yellow Fever Collectivo and the New York Black Label Crew. He is one of the few tall bike manufacturers in Yogyakarta. El Kampretto has conducted various workshops with different communities, such those at the Elo Progo Art Camp, Malioboro Classical Community and the Girli Community. These workshops have included mural and graffiti work, bike repair and manufacturing. His work has been featured on various Television networks and news publications, both local and national. His work can be viewed here

El Kampretto working on a mural at Survive! Garage

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