Thursday, June 30, 2011


An emerging artist, freelance illustrator, printmaker, and community organiser. Snotrag Studied Visual Arts at RMIT in Melbourne. Snotrag was one of 25 street artists chosen to participate in the Ladikillerz festival in 2011. Snotrag has painted murals at the Sweet Streets Festival, Voyeur exhibition, Loophole Community Centre and at Sketch City. Snotrag has had solo shows at nine on seven in 2009 and Brunswick Bound in 2011 and has participated in various print exhibitions including Fit to Print at No Vacancy Gallery. Snotrag established the Antiverse Art markets in 2010, created the Antiverse Open Access Print Studio and co-founded The Inter Location Project.  Her art can be viewed here 

Snotrag's aerosol piece at Ladikillaz Festival 2011

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