Wednesday, July 6, 2011


ASIIK CITY Festival, presented by the Inter-Location Project (ILP), aims to invigorate and strengthen cross cultural community networks via a series of artistic events and collaborations planned to occur in October and November of 2011.

ASIIK CITY includes a diverse line-up of established and emerging artists from multiple disciplines and cultural contexts. Australian artists include SIMPLETOWN WORX, Georg Whelan, Michael Fikaris, Roda Roda, Snotrag, and Tuff Guts. Indonesian artists are Bayu Widodo, El Kampretto and LOVEHATELOVE

The overwhelming experience of community experienced by Melbourne ILP artists in Yogyakarta was the genesis for initiating this project in Australia. ASIIK CITY aims to explore, through the action of creative skillsharing and cultural collaborations, the factors accounting for such strong and vibrant creative communities in Indonesia and to examine how this can be developed and established here.

ILP via ASIIK CITY will facilitate events not only appealing within artistic communities but extend more broadly to the wider community. These events will include  Community Murals, Performances, a group exhibition and workshops featuring activities such as Screen-printing and Bicycle Construction. These artistic actions will emphasise process rather than the singularity of simply outcome and simultaneously augment a space for dialogue based around the ideas of alternative networks.

The word Asiik is an Indonesian slang term meaning Awesome. Cities sometimes have the potential of being alienating spaces. Virtual panopticons of Moloch proportions. Whilst recognising that collectively people are a product of their environment, they are also agents invested with the power of change. Under this banner ILP aims to build an ASIIK CITY. A place where everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. Where artistic process isn't separated from the community and community isn't separated from the individual.

ILP believes community is something created by the actions between us. A process that's ultimately selfless, beyond economic thresholds and thus immeasurably valuable.

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